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Happy Birthday to Kaya Rose Scodelario!

"Wearing black is a great way to look sexy without feeling like you’ve tried. I feel confident when i wear black, but my mum’s Brazilian and so obsessed with bright colour.”

You have to be confident being on telly as you get Tweets from girls saying, “oh god, you look ugly in real life compared to on screen” or “your hair looks like shit today”. You get used and then you get to a point there you’re like, ‘fuck it, this is who I am’. I worry more about the image we give off to other people, I don’t want people to feel like they have to aspire to look like us.

How far would I go for love? I’d go to the end of the world and back again, I think love’s a very beautiful thing. And I, I believe in fairy tale, so I would go very far.