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“Seventy-Five thousand homes were destroyed.”

“Every entry after that was the same way.”

"And anyone?" I ask after a moment. 
Oh, okay. 



“Seventy-Five thousand homes were destroyed.”


“Every entry after that was the same way.”


"And anyone?" I ask after a moment. 

Oh, okay. 

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    "Downstairs, Alex called out my name." Well okay then.
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    "There she stayed, with the entrances and windows walled up save for tiny slits for food and air." I know it’s not even...
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    ”..the same cemetery, sometimes in the same grave.” wtf
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    "But the aches and bruises and the awful weariness weren’t the worst of things." o.o
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    Oh my fucking glob it does xD
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    “They never want to discuss anything intellig-“ This belongs in some sort of Sherlock fanfic.
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    was a big deal until one day in seventh grade when a girl asked him point-blank, “Are you gay?” teehee
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    “Thanks for waiting.” *giggles* Oh, this is sadly accurate.
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    Below you will find a sentence that was...polish to english from Lord of
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    Upon my word, Watson, you are coming along wonderfully. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    He licked his lips.Yum
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    i-hate—you-all:...Then there was a gorgeous row
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    it’s not 2012 anymore but...a friend’s blog...try it anyway...
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    “This failed to drive Buck from his prostrate rival, and the butt of the whip was brought into play.” - The Call of the...
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    “It’s alright mom, I’m fine.” wow, that’s weird. bahaha
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    “‘course you can.”
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    “If she sustain him and his hundred knights,/When I have show’d th’ unfitness,” I think this means I’m a slut?
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    “Winter in Auschwitz was not friendly to the Jews.” (Yup … that just happened.)
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    longest lasting tropical cyclone hurricane/typhoon john(niall) formed on august 11