Good Omens Crowley and Aziraphale closest cosplay 

buckynats as Crowley 

imyouraziraphale as Aziraphale 

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Title: A Tigercamel on the Halfshell
Characters: Crowley, Aziraphale 
Summary: Once again (drunk) in Aziraphale’s rare book shop, Crowley and Azirphale discuss clams on the half shell, atigercamels, and tartan suitcases.

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Okay so here's a story. The other day I went out walking with my boyfriend, right? Anyway, it was the usual stuff, just through the park annoying eachother and such. A boy and his dog run past us and we reach an empty pond. My boyfriend says to me "Let's sit at the bench near this duckpond for a bit" and I go "Where are the ducks?" He says "I dunno there's never any ducks." I look at him for a second. Finally I go "You didn't drown them did you... Crowley?" He says "...Of course not Aziraphale."





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Rain Rain Rain by zelu

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Crowley/Aziraphale, Scavenger Hunt?

I dare you not to revoke my fandom privileges.

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Concept of ‘Good Omens’ for my Digital Illustration final. We have to illustrate a scene from a novel. Of course I pick these two :D Sketching in a few different files for a couple hours yielded these “final” designs which I’ll probably stick with. They’ll probably be more toony in the final since we have to draw them three different times (that’ll make sense once I post the final in a few weeks). I’ll simplify them. I CAN SEE IT IN MY MIND. I JUST HAVE TO SUCCESSFULLY MAKE IT NOW. I need to toon my mind. TOON IT UP D:g

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they’re waiting for a bus or something, this doesn’t make sense for a couple reasons

I just want it to snow already

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Title: In the Ashes 


Pairing: Crowley/Aziraphale 

Summary: The end of the universe, and also the beginning. If you want fire, look for it in the ashes. 

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That awkward moment where Crowley and Aziraphale accidentally gave the antichrist to Craig Owens.

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