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Top 5 of 2011: OTP

1. River Song/The Doctor (Doctor Who) 

“You could come with us.”

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River: On the scale of one to me, just how illegal is setting fireworks on Machu Picchu? 

Doctor: Oh, very illegal, Mrs Song. Almost as illegal as vandalising the oldest rock in the universe.

River: All in the name of love, sweetie.

Doctor: Happy New Year, my love.

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#Eleven acts like such a happy man #But its quite obvious he is completely broken.

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Feet don’t fail me now
Take me to the finish line
Oh, my heart it breaks every step that I take
But I’m hoping that the gates,
They’ll tell me that you’re mine
Walking through the city streets
Is it by mistake or desire?
I feel so alone on the fridays nights
You make me feel like home,
If I tell you you’re mine
As like I told you, honey

Choose your last words
This is the last time
Cause you and I
We were born to die


Doctor Who rewritten - After saving Madge and her family, the Eleventh Doctor pops over to just a few months earlier and a few neighborhoods away to visit a fantastic man

Eleven: ‘Ello! I’m -
Nine: Who the hell are you?
Eleven: Young and rude? Wowzer. As I was saying, I’m the caretaker. Now don’t ask me “Caretaker who?”. Just the Caretaker.
Nine: Ah, wrong house then. You don’t look like an orphan girl. Sorry. But first, tell me. Uh, might seem like a stupid question, but then again I’m pretty stupid, me. Have you noticed an object that fell from the sky recently?
Eleven: You mean besides all the big loud explode-y things from the air raid? No…not recently. And you are most certainly not at the wrong house. Have you seen this house? It’s gorgeous! And I should know, I live in a quite an extraordinary place myself. Come on in, Doctor. I’ll cook you up a nice Christmas Eve dinner. Let me guess: just a banana will do?
Nine: Nah, not really hungry. I’ve got a good stomach. And I better get back to - wait, how’d you know my name?
Eleven: Ah. That. Yes. Uh, see I’m a student. Earning my doctorate in History, and you’re all over the books. You and Rose Tyler? You’re the stuff of legend! It’s an honor to meet you, really.
Nine: Thanks? I would say the same to you, but I’d rather not lie.
Eleven: ‘Course not. No, you don’t seem like a liar. Not at all. Tell you what though: just come in to use the phone. Perhaps somehow it’ll help you locate Captain Ja -  uh, that big sky-falling-y thinga-majig you mentioned.
Nine: Oh, alright. Just for a sec then, thanks.
Eleven: No problem! May I take your coat? That’s quite magnificent leather there. Leather is cool. I’d wear some myself, but it really doesn’t suit this face. Best left with my young, “Look Universe, I’m a tough guy” phase.

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