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A Matter of Trust (White Collar)

Title: A Matter of Trust
Rating: T
Characters: Neal Caffrey, Peter Burke, Elizabeth Burke, and (one more). 
Warnings: none
Summary: "Because, in anything and everything that Peter had ever asked of him - of all the times he’d ever said that he’d trusted him - this was the moment that Neal believed it." Family is found in the most unsuspected of places.

by imyouraziraphale and masterfromcatering 

Every Peter & Elizabeth Scene →   1x02 [Threads]

Every Peter & Elizabeth Scene → 1x02 [Threads]


I can haz fandom now? White Collar Reaction LiveBlog

posted 3 years ago - Notes

Peter: “Tell me about your mother.”


Neil: “Nope. Not a chance.”

Peter: “Did she wear hats?”

Not the same way Diana wears hats, though. 


White Collar Reaction Post 2.10 


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